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Tamam's First-Gen Pre-College Training Program is a unique, full-day leadership training program specifically designed to tackle some of the most pervasive issues that hinders first-generation pre-college students as they embark on their post-secondary education. An experience like no other, this training is meticulously and intentionally crafted, not only to provide high level of inspiration, empowerment and motivation, but also a practical strategies and techniques on how first-gen students can cope with, and transcend, obstacles and barriers to reach their academic, leadership, and personal goals. It’s a day where students are challenged to question and reflect upon some of the perceptions and beliefs that they have about themselves, confront their fears and doubts. It is a journey full of deep, thought-provoking conversation, attitude development, mind shifting exercises that will inevitably spark a paradigm shift--all while having a wonderful time.

The training encompasses two main features: 

  • a full-day comprehensive, hands-on training with Tamam, at your school.

  • inclusion into the T-TRIBE, which is an ongoing post-training network that gives first-gen students unlimited access to a variety of academic and professional resources (webinars, conferences, mentorships, etc...). 


Dr. Stephanie Anthony, Director

TRiO Upward Bound

Michigan State University

Thank you for an OUTSTANDING leadership summit. The students enjoyed themselves immensely and from what I understand, THEY ARE STILL TALKING ABOUT IT. I was and still am impressed at your ability to engage them for the entire day. Ten hours of engagement on a Saturday is nothing to sneeze at! I will reach out again.


Phillip Dirks, Director

TRiO Upward Bound

Portland State University

Tamam’s Leadership Training was EXCELLENT… It was ENGAGING… It was concrete and grounding… I highly recommend Tamam’s training to not only students but also adults. As an adult I came away with something more and I FEEL EMPOWERED after today’s training.


Nitasha Lewis, Manager

TRiO Upward Bound

Peninsula College

My students had an AMAZING EXPERIENCE that they will take with them throughout their journey...they are still TALKING ABOUT YOUR WORK and how you impacted them... 

they learned that resilience is more than a word, it is an action...we appreciated having you.

The Tamam difference

     1) While the traditional leadership development programs mostly focus on giving students new 

         knowledge and skills--which is often forgotten soon after--Tamam places more emphasis on the

         APPLICATION of the new skills, knowledge and establishing an action plan to create habits.

         This takes place during the training and continues as part of the post-training network. 

     2) While most training start and end at a given time, Tamam believes in providing students with an

         ongoing support and guidance long after the initial training is over. 

     3) Developed by Tamam--a former first gen, who also holds a Master's degree from Harvard--for 

         current first gen pre-college students, this program has unique

         components that enables students to develop a strong sense of connectedness as a "first gen

         family," a kinship that often turns into a valuable support system and lasts for a long time.   


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