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Tamam Waritu (AKA T_Waari) is a nationally acclaimed youth trainer. His rigorous leadership training program has impacted thousands of lives around the country.
Tamam Youth Leadership Training (TYLT)   is an exciting, action-packed full-day (10 hour) program designed to empower and equip young people with extraordinary leadership skills to boost their confidence and help put them on a trajectory of academic excellence. It is powered with daring leadership challenges, hands-on activities, and memorable social interactions. Participants gain a profound sense of confidence and fearlessness as they are inspired to take on new leadership roles. Empowering, motivating, and engaging, this training will unleash the participant’s inner leader and transform them from passive learners into self-directed active learners, from inactive followers to productive leaders that will bring change in their community and beyond. Participants leave the training inspired and equipped with necessary skills ready to take on any challenge.
Tamam has built a strong partnership with various programs, organizations, and schools, looking to motivate and empower their students. His training program has made a difference in over thirty states around the country. He is committed to helping young people, particularly the low-income and first-generation, reach their highest potential.





If 90% or more of your students don't find Tamam's training empowering, engaging, or transformative, Tamam will provide a full refund. No questions asked. 

This training should be a requirement

for every high school student.

Alexander, H.S. Student 

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Youth training in the USA
Youth Training by Tamam Waritu
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As an educator, I have attended many workshops, where all too often no work is actually done. Because see, for work to be done there has to be a challenge that is overcome. There must exist some struggle. Some transition from one place to another. Most of the time, workshops are just shopping, a browsing of ideas, exchanging of goods, and nibbling on a little brain food. But not Tamam’s. In just 10 hours, I watched the children in our program transition from guarded, jaded, passive participants in their own lives to vulnerable, open, active participants in their own happiness. I witnessed a growth not likely to be derived from any old workshop. No, Tamam has a gift. And any person who has the opportunity to invite him into the lives of their students would be remiss not to.

Deborah Jones

College Transition Specialist

Avila University - Upward Bound Program

Tamam Waritu Training Video
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